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The two most popular resume formats that can also be used for military to civilian resumes are functional and reverse chronological. A reverse chronological resume lists employment with the most recent position first. Each entry includes the company, job title, dates, and a job description with an emphasis on accomplishments, and includes an education or certifications section. Functional resumes begin with a professional summary that lists primary functional skills, such as project management, maintenance, reorganization, etc. This is followed by skills and significant achievements for each of the primary functional skills. Next is a tabular summary of employment, followed by education and certifications.

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Q: My experience is wide ranging and could fall into several job positions. Do you think I should create more than one military to civilian resume?

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A: Great question. Ideally, yes, especially when you are submitting your military to civilian resume online. When uploading your resume to apply for a job, many times there are filters that look for specific skills, phrases, or acronyms on a resume. These types of filters are meant to help the recruiter sift through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes and only review the most likely matches. For a transitioning service member who may not have the exact civilian-termed skills, this can put you at a disadvantage right off the bat.