The sample below is for a Pastor Ordained Minister Resume

Eliminate: Do not waste words or focus on your weaknesses in a resume; however, be prepared to address weaknesses in an interview. Do not focus on job experiences, skills and education that does not lend to the specific job at hand, especially if you have plenty of information to fill two pages. You need not discuss in detail all of your experiences. A ministerial resume can go several pages; but aim for two, if possible, plus a page of references and any other information the employer may require.

Ministerial Resumes are generally compiled in the order of these elements as listed below:

Wynell Freeman is a clear example that God does not make leaders, but rather He processes servants who evolve into leadership. Born to and reared by parents whose lives were and are yet dedicated to the cause of Christ, growing up a Pastor’s kid began her training. Her ministerial resume is that of a servant. Coming up through the ranks, she has functioned in any and every capacity imaginable. To name a few - janitorial duties, usher board, Sunday school secretary, Sunday school teacher, music ministry (pianist, choir director, lead and background vocals, praise and worship leader), armor bearer, and the list goes on. Training for reigning is the resounding theme of her life.
In February, 1988, she responded with an emphatic yes to a God-call to preach the Gospel. After traveling extensively and standing on a diversity of platforms as an Evangelist, declaring a bold tailor-made WORD for the times, she then received a Divine directive to birth and plant a work in the unfamiliar soil of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Her affirmative response to that command yielded the birthing of Fresh WORD Ministries on December 7, 1998. From its inception Fresh WORD has continued to grow by leaps and bounds with countless lives having been positively impacted by its existence. It is indeed a Mecca of hope and deliverance for all who would dare consent to be challenged to change via the liberating power of the life altering WORD of God.

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2. A professional and ministerial resume of the Campus Director/President and/or Dean and all Instructors must be submitted to AIEN.

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