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Spear phishing, then, can be incredibly effective, at least from the criminals' point of view. By using the Monster resume data to target the recipient and flesh out the e-mail with the recipient's real name -- often usually difficult or impossible to guess from the e-mail address itself -- the crooks can expect more people to let down their guard and actually launch the attached file. (In the case of Gpcoder.e, the file posed as Monster Job Seeker Tool, fictitious software of course, but likely enough to get people to click; when they did, they installed the Trojan, not a job search assistant.)

On the Ribbon menu, click the Install Monster Resume Easy Submit button.

is the most popular online job board in America (alongside CareerBuilder), and is a trusted brand. The Monster resume advice section contains 100 resume writing articles and 31 cover letter advice writing articles, all written by named writers who will stand by what they say. One additional advantage of Monster is that, being international, you can use it to find good quality resume advice on destinations outside the USA.

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Recently, Glen Cathey, the Boolean Blackbelt, reported an interesting feat in . Candidates for a Google job req that had been open for four months were discovered using Boolean Search on … the Monster Resume Database. According to Cathey,