I am pretty sure my resume sucks

In my practice, I meet the coolest, greatest, most wonderful people ever. Today, for example, I met a sales executive who started the conversation with "I think my resume sucks" and I chuckled because I've heard this expression several times before. I mentioned that her words would make a good title for a blog post, then we both laughed and went about our business. Thanks to her wit, I am writing this blog post. You will know your resume sucks if...


Here’s a video from , which took place August 28, 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin. The session was titled “My Resume Sucks: Do I still need a paper one?” and was presented by of .

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my resume sucks. - College Confidential

This place has GONE DOWNHILL! Around 10 years ago I went to them to find employment, and they were AWESOME! I found a job that was close by my house, that paid well, and best of all treated me well. Then I got married, and moved to another state. Now I'm back, so, naturally I went to Temps on Time. Big Mistake!

They were rude to me, the receptionist is as useless as a paper cut and the manager/owner Kathryn Kidd is just a twit. One minute, she is telling me I have an awesome resume, excellent skills and should have no problem placing me, she has tons of work. Then a 2 weeks passes, and she has zero work and tells me my resume sucks and I have zero skills. WTF!??

They just see you as a warm body and $$ nothing else. I told them numerous times that i only wanted to work in the Burbank/Glendale/Studio City areas. I gave them a specific amount that I needed to make. Time and time again, they wanted to send me down to Santa Monica for a measly $ 9.00/hr job. Are you kidding me! I made more in high school!!!

I took a job with them in Wilshire district for what i wanted to be paid....only it took 3 weeks to get paid!!! Ms. Kidd kept coming up with excuse after excuse on why she couldn't pay me for a one day temp job! They lost my time card, the client didn't sign it, the client won't pay for an hour of over time....the list went on and on! I emailed them the time card, and her complaint was that she couldn't see it....Seriously!! Zoom in on it! Stay away from this disorganized mess....they pull major attitude on you, and turn everything around on you, even when its clearly their fault. They don't follow up on anything to save their lives, let alone take responsibility for their lack-luster actions.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS NIGHTMARE! There are too many good employment companies out there...this one is not one of them!