Why Properly Naming your Resume Matters

There needs to be a strategy behind everything you do in a job search — including how you expect others to refer to you. This will affect how you send an e-mail, leave a voice message and even what you name your resume file.

“What to name your resume can be as challenging as what to name your baby.”

Naming your resume file properly isn’t hard yet only 55% referenced their name, 10% didn’t reference their name at all, and another 10% just used their initials.
A good file name will always include your name. If you send your resume as an attachment keep in mind that the name of the attachment is very prominent. It’s recommended that your resume file be saved as a pdf file unless a doc or docx file is asked for.

How to Properly Name Your Resume

So what is a resume name and how should you name your resume?Read further..

That shows they just don't care to read what testing you did or what kind of software you know and which C plus you did and where? And you people start naming like Goats.. because some one did. I uploaded my blog in May this year and for 3 months all the visitors ( daily 20 maximum) who visit my blog searched the google with " How to name your resume" or "naming CS engineer resume" - Though I never explained any thing there, I just used this "naming resume" in category. So one has to understand the depth of goat mentality in India.

The name on your resume does not necessarily need to be your legal name. I always ask people how their business cards are printed. How do you want people to know you professionally? This is very important. You want people to be comfortable and know what to call you on the first contact. This is part of the social graces that make communication easy. Here are some examples:Naming your resume is important. If your name is “Jane Doe” then your resume should be named: Jane-Doe-Resume. In doc, pdf or txt formats this will allow us to find your resume in our data base and help to expedite your registration. Using the links provided on each Filcro Legal Staffing job page you can upload your resume through any e-mail link.