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When you perform a resume search or browse resume categories you will see a listing of resumes. The list features a Resume Title, Experience,Education, Expertise, and Location. If you are interested in learning more about a particular candidate or would like to contact that candidate, click the underlined navy Resume Title. The Resume Title is a hyperlink that will take you to the resume page where you can learn more about the candidate including his or her level of experience, education, expertise, languages, desired employment type, objective, work experience, education and training, certifications and achievements, skills, and additional important information. To contact the candidate, click the blue and white "contact this candidate" button at the bottom of the page.

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The agreement, following months of negotiations, also calls for areferendum that would give islanders two choices: let the Navy resume useof the range on its own terms - including the use of live bombs - orrequire the Navy to cease all training by May 1, 2003. That is two yearsearlier than the Navy previously indicated it was willing to give up whatit calls the ``crown jewel'' of its Atlantic training sites.

Navy to resume sinking old ships in US waters | Fox News

Navy is resuming its practice of using old warships for target practice and sinking them in U.S

In addition to the $50 million, Clinton repeated his previous offer to askCongress to provide $40 million in economic assistance once the Navy hasresumed its limited training on Vieques. This money would finance suchprojects as the construction of a new commercial ferry pier and terminal,and projects to help commercial fishing areas.