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Most law offices favor experience over education, so it is possible to get a great job with an entry level paralegal resume if the candidate has any previous work history in the field. In order to get ideas on how to format your resume, there are entry level paralegal resume samples online to use as guides.

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If it's your first time writing a professional resume, take a look at a paralegal resume sample online and look at the job descriptions of various types of paralegal positions in your area. A paralegal resume sample can serve as a blueprint when writing your resume, and you can use it to better organize each element of your resume. You'll find paralegal resume samples for a variety of paralegals positions and related positions in the field, so take some time to review at least three or four different samples until you find one that you feel will be a good fit for you. Use the sample as a guide to outline and write your own professional resume.

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Creating a professional-looking paralegal resume can take some time, but it can help to look at a paralegal resume sample to speed up the process. Make sure your resume clearly reflects your education, expertise and experience so that prospective employers are inclined to hire you.