PhD Resumes That Highlights Your Academic Performance

So what is the basic structure of PhD resumes? Just like what we mentioned earlier, the PhD level of resume will still include the same basic parts as with any other resume types. This means you have to write your profile details (name, address, contact info), objective sentence, work experience segments, education background and skills and competencies. You can also utilize any resume formats. These are functional, chronological and combination resume types.

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My name is Andrew Green, and I have been the PhD counselor at the UC Berkeley Career Center for over four years. In that time I've looked at hundreds of resumes. To this day, I can claim, with no lack of paternal pride, that I've yet to see a resume nearly as bad as the first one I produced while still an academic on the faculty of a small liberal arts college teaching political science. It was everything a resume is not supposed to be. But exhibiting that key characteristic shared by all PhDs, the ability to learn quickly and master new domains, I soon had a much more effective means of conveying my relevant skills and experience. I want to start the discussion by offering my three cardinal sins of PhD resume writing:

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What is the best thing that employers want to see on a resume? Probably the contents and the qualifications of the applicant are among the best features of a resume. However, there is one achievement that employers really put great weight on when it comes to evaluating a resume. It is the PhD level of education. If you have a doctorate degree, then you can write a PhD resume. This will further enhance your market value and will give you better chances to get a job.