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Has anyone written a Photography Resume that can help me out? A photographer that I would love to learn from asked for one for me to apply as her assistant. I am at a loss at where to start and what to say. Do I list the few paying jobs I have had? what education I have had or can I put books I read? I guess what is she looking for really. My experience is limited but I do have some. about 3 paying clients, some volunteer, some education, both editing and photo, but mostly I am self taught.

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I am a licensed teacher but I haven't been able to find a teaching job and I've loved photography for a long time. I have an Olympus DSLR and have some experience with Photoshop Elements & CS. I have never worked for a photography company or anything so I'm not sure what to send to a photograph company for a resume. Can anyone help me out with a first-timer photography resume? Also, if you have any experience working with Lifetouch, Mom365, etc please let me know what you think of the company. Thanks!