Per Your Request Please Find Attached My Resume As

I am sure you will find me as a proper match and suitable employee during my probationary period. Please find attached my resume which paints a picture of my skill sets.


Please find attached my resume for the post Software testing engineer.
I have done Electronics and communication engineering and worked in Ajel technologies Hyderabad.I have nearly 2 years of experience in the same.

The Evening Sun | Please find attached my resume

Please find attached my resume as well as three samples of my published work. I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

KAREN DOANE (email. female voiceover): "Hello Mal, Please find attached my resume for consideration by Mr Palmer for a position at the Coolum Golf and Spa Resort. Kind regards, Karen."

I'm writing my cover letter and to mention my resume/CV I've written "Please find attached my resume." It doesn't sound right to me but I don't know what to write instead. Suggestions?The one page summary sheet should not be just a cover letter merely stating �please find attached my resume�. Before drafting a summary sheet the Applicant should review the Job Description for the vacancy, paying particular attention to the context statement if there is one, and the essential selection criteria. The summary sheet should then briefly highlight work experience, job levels, duties in previous roles, achievements, skills, knowledge, experience, education and qualifications relevant to the role.Please find attached my resume and application for the position of medical assistant (your ref: 1234/ABCD). I’m currently a medical assistant at XYZ Hospital, and looking for an advanced role in this field. My skills include: