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Please find enclosed my resume. Although I was incarcerated for a lengthy time, I spent much of my time in educational and creative activities. Several prison jobs and ten years in an art program gave me the opportunity to learn marketable skills. I am asking for the chance to put them to work in a work environment such as a sign shop. My sole issue with employment is that I have a felony conviction...

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Please find enclosed my resume, outlining my education and professional experience. While at the most recent two companies listed on my resume, I was the partner in charge of architecture and interiors. Both were small, boutique firms where every phase of the design process was taken to the micro level: from intricate details to custom furniture. I was responsible for all phases of design from initial concept through the construction documents: plans, interior and exterior elevations as well as detail development. My current firm consisted of two divisions: Furniture and Architecture & Interiors. The furniture division was born out of both the necessity and desire to create custom, luxury furniture pieces for many of our clients. At our gallery space, we were able to run a successful furniture retail business. Recently, my current firm decided to slowly phase out the Architecture & Interiors division in order to concentrate on furniture sales, which have grown tremendously. While I continue to enjoy furniture design as a distinct discipline within my field, I feel my talents would be best utilized when allowed to also encompass the additional aspects of design that I have always embraced. Therefore, having worked at a retail/design company, I am currently seeking a senior position in a fashion, retail, architecture or real estate development company as well as an architecture/interiors firm. While I have a strong affinity for contemporary/modern design, I am also very proficient with more traditional styles and know the rules essential to being able to successfully execute them.

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During my undergraduate years, I developed valuable skills by working for recreational programs in Washington, DC and Kingston, NY. My experience includes organizing, implementing, and/or participating in a variety of community-based programs for disabled individuals. As a deaf individual, I have first hand knowledge about services and resources available in the community. I am able to communicate well with program participants, supervisors and co-workers. Please find enclosed my resume and transcript which summarize my work experiences and educational accomplishments.