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Pongo Resume's clever video reminds job seekers that gimmicks are not the way to land a job. A well-written resume that targets the employer's needs, communicates value and demonstrates enthusiasm for the job is still the best way to stand out in a job search.

I want to subscribe at Pongo Resume, can I pay the subscription fee thru my paypal account? How?

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Pongo Resume's most interesting photos on Flickriver"

Today’s post was written by Julie O’Malley of Pongo Resume!

I definitely recommend you check out Pongo Resume if you're looking for some help building a resume. I used to offer a resume writing service here, but I have to say, I think this is a better option for most people.

When you are entry level in the job market and you are actively seeking a job, it helps to have a place such as Pongo Resume that will help you with every aspect of getting hired. Pongo Resume is one of a growing number of companies in the career building industry that doesn’t focus on only resumes, but rather attempts to give it clients everything they need in order to land a great paying job from resumes to cover letters and even interviewing strategies.If you don’t like how you resume turns out you can also hire one of Pongo Resume’s to write one for you. While it does mean spending money, it is essential that your resume be the best it can be in order to give yourself the best shot at a good job.Pongo Resume has several different services that are pay services and also has a whole host of resources that are free to use. With their , you can go step by step through the process of building the best resume possible for you. If you like what you create, you can then upgrade your account to a monthly or even annual pay account and then take advantage of the many other services that Pongo Resume offers.Once you have the tools in place to land a job, you need to distribute those tools. Pongo Resume offers a job search and also various ways to distribute your resume. Once your resume has been distributed, you can even track your results with Pongo Resume’s system.