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As part of a career discovery unit, middle school students examine the need to prepare a resume and the potential consequences of giving false information in a resume. Using an online resume wizard designed for middle schoolers, students prepare their first resume. This lesson can be broken into three smaller 30-minute lessons (Step 1, Steps 2-5, and Steps 6-7).

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Before preparing a resume, make sure you have determined what you want it to emphasize. This should be related directly to what the hiring company is seeking in prospective employees, as well as what the job description for the position you're apply for. Relate your current job skills and experience to the skills and experience the hiring company requires.

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3. Those preparing a chronological resume should list their achievements under a job title heading, outlining each achievement with a bullet point.

However, because of the nature of the job, not to mention the lucrative benefits, the application process is extremely competitive. Crafting an effective resume for a government position could be the difference between whether or not you earn the position. When it comes to , applying for a government job is different from your previous job applications. Here are some when it comes to preparing a resume for a federal job position: