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So, with that being said, which professional resume builder should you consider using for creating your resume? Well, there are basically two types. The first type of professional resume builder available is distributed as normal software; you must buy it before you can actually use it. An example is Winway Resume Deluxe. The second type of professional resume builder is distributed as shareware. This means you can try it before making a purchase. The best forms of shareware allow you to try the complete version for a certain period of time. Sarmsoft Resume Builder is an example, as you are allowed to use it in its entirety for 10 days.

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A professional resume builder is a program that helps to automate the process of resume creation. It works by asking the user various questions relating to their demographic information, their previous employment, academic career, qualifications and job-related awards.

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The professional resume builder then compiles this information into either a or chronological resume, depending on what you specify. A sophisticated professional resume builder will make a recommendation on which type of you should used based on the data you give it. For example, functional resumes work well for students and housewives, while chronological resumes work better for those with elaborate work histories.