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"The Mining Hub" is in the beginning of a new site dedicated to those in the mining industry with your help we are looking to achieve.

Company and Mine Profiling
Mining companies involved in The Mining Hub will automatically get a company Hub, giving access to an up-to-date database of active candidates,mapping and profiling of all working mines throughout the world pinpointed on our global mine mapping page.

Career Development
Individuals will receive a personal "your Hub" page.
This will have comprehensive career tracking, career projections, as well as your resume and training documentation stored for you to apply directly to global employers looking to source Your Skills.

Industry Networking
At The Mining Hub we look to connect companies to individuals, individuals and companies to training organisations, individuals with each other via problem solving and mentoring forums.

Comprehensive Information
Companies and individuals will have access to our daily local and global news bulletins, OH&S bulletins, site-specific statistics and advise, commodity price watch, salary survey and wide range of networking forums.

Benefits Program
At the mining hub we have superannuation and insurance professionals that will tailor to you're individual needs, we are looking to have a discount programmes for training organisations, professional resume builders and a discount programmes for gyms and life style products.

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