PTA Resume Example – Physical Therapist Assistant Resume

Make sure that your key qualifications and strengths are at the top half of your PTA resume. Once again, make sure that you use pertinent keywords in areas of your resume that need these important words. If you follow these key rules, you are sure to catch the eye of your potential employer

PTA Resume Samples and Templates

There are numerous examples of PTA resumes online. Depending on your work experience, all you have to do is to search for the most relevant template that you can see online and then just replace the information in the tables that are provided.

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PTA Resume Example (Rehabcare) - Memphis, Tennessee

The final portion of your resume should list ADDITIONAL INFOMRATION. Under this section, this is where you list your time spent as Board Member, PTA member/President, voluneteering services, etc. This information doesn't need to be as wordy, as being a Board Member & PTA President are rather self-explanatory. Should a potential employer question you about your time served, then you can discuss your duties in great detail.