Resumes What is the purpose of a resume

One good gem of advice during an interview is to be positive. This advice also works before you get an interview and is a big resume helper. Even if you do have skeletons that will have to come out, putting them on your resume is not a good idea. The purpose of your resume is to get a prospective employer to call you in for an interview and nothing will get your resume in the trash faster than negativity. So always use one of the biggest resume helpers there is, being positive, to sell yourself and your skills.

Objective: Students will be instructed in how-to and the purpose of resume writing.

I think that those are secondary or tertiary purposes a resume, but the primary purpose of your resume is to GET A JOB INTERVIEW.

What is the purpose of a resume

vCard, as the name suggest, is your online business card but it also serves the purpose of resume. It is a clean and profession theme.

Electronic Format: Generally, this is the pre-formatted resume you’ll find at online job sites or resume distribution centers. Although some sites allow moderate customizations, frequently you just need to fill in the blanks. Some electronic resumes are entered into job data banks, meaning your chance of obtaining an interview (the main purpose of resume submission) is slim.