Real Estate Associate Resume Example

People often focus their resume-building efforts on listing out professional accomplishments and education experience…just the facts. They forget that the ultimate goal is to tell the broker who they are, and why they’d be a great addition to the agent roster. A headline is often undervalued. Many resumes don’t even include them. But a great headline can establish your identity and set the tone that the reader carries with them throughout your entire real estate resume.

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As a newly licensed agent, you have an even larger task. You don’t have the past success to decorate your real estate resume. Focus on past professional experiences where you’ve applied self-motivation to overcome odds and be successful. Demonstrate you have the willingness and grit to get your hands dirty and succeed in real estate. As a newly licensed agent, it would also be helpful for you to show a prospective broker that you’ve thought about what it takes to be successful. A well-written, market-focused business plan or marketing plan would make a great addendum to your resume and would likely impress a broker considering whether or not to bring a brand new agent into the office.

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Use the following real estate agent resume sample as a guide to create your own professional resume. This example real estate agent resume should be personalized to reflect your own career history, job experience, qualifications, skills and education.