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Finally a better way has arrived to allow rental tenants to prove they are good tenants. Being a member of rent resumé means you can prove your good conduct by presenting your rent resumé membership card to a participating property manager. With your card the property manager can verify your past conduct via the rent resumé iPad app.

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Providing a rental resume when applying for a rental home is a great way to stand out in pool of applicants in a competitive rental market but it is not a guarantee you will be approved. A landlord will still complete a rental process that should involve more detailed tenant screening procedures, like running a .

Applying for a rental home can be as competitive as landing your dream job. The best properties will attract the most qualified tenants, and as a renter, the application process should be approached like applying for a new job. Just as a polished resume detailing your qualifications can make you stand out in a pool of job applicants, a rental resume detailing your qualifications as an outstanding tenant can make you stand out in the rental market.Since it is illegal under the Fair Housing Act for landlords to discriminate against certain criteria applicants do not need to include private information about race/color, national origin, religion, disability, sex and familial status on their rental resumes. Landlords can choose tenants they feel have responsible financial habits based on credit history and employment. And preparing a rental resume that shows current and past employment, rental history, and references gives your landlord reason to believe you are qualified to live in their rental property.A rental resume is a starting point to begin the rental process. Landlords and property managers should always conduct thorough on all potential tenants, that include credit and background checks. But receiving a rental resume can help you elevate top applicants in the process. Not only does a rental resume present need to know information about an applicant, but it shows professionalism and responsibility for the extra step to go above and beyond.Rental history is one of the most important criteria landlords use when evaluating applicants. Displaying great tenant behavior on a rental resume is important. Include bulleted information or a few sentences about previous rental properties you have lived. It should include the address, your landlord’s or property manager’s name and contact information, the length of time at the property and the rent amount. It is also a good idea to state why you moved.