Resume Certifications & Licenses Listing Example and Guide

Following submission of personal information 304, the Member is preferably presented with a choice of Membership Plans. This may be included on page 304, or may be on a separate sequential page, such as is shown in FIG. 3A as membership plan/billing option page 305. The enrollment fee for an Employee Member is preferably a modest fee to encourage broad participation in light of the commissions which are payable under the preferred Applicant Enrollment Agreement (AEA) upon hiring. Optionally, if the Member fits into a specified category (e.g., level of education, salary history, etc.) the resume certification may optionally be free, otherwise they will be charged the cost of their certification. If they do not fit into the specified category, they may still be a DCVS member, they just have to pay additional fees for the certification and verification processing. The Member preferably may also choose other attributes of their membership, including, for example, specific duration of membership, and payment options such as third party payment, and gift certificate 305. Specific membership plans may also provide for various levels of service, including multiple concurrent certified resumes, different numbers of secondary password set, and the like.

Prestigious Resume Certification

The is well regarded in the industry and offers four levels of resume certification: Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW), Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW), Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), and Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW).

Master Federal Resume Writer Certification Program | CPP

Resume Certifications Awards

To apply and qualify for the CERM, applicants must already possess a recognized resume certification. They need to have written for the executive market for some time, having a body of work that demonstrates mastery of contemporary executive representation such as personal branding, positioning, and strategizing.