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i was so excited to get my resume looking sharp, i loved the preview of the format & thought it looked amazing. then i was forced to buy before i could download. so i did. and the format changed completely. i tried different formats, and everything smashed together. i was on chat for more than an hour as the guy who works for resume companion believed it looked the same while it definitely did not, what a waste of time and money!!

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Overall, Resume Companion appears to offer a very flexible yet powerful resume builder. Along with being competitively priced the unique features not only ensure that you create a professional resume but that you can do so within a matter of minutes instead of stressing over it for hours.

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A phone number is prominently displayed to speak with a customer service representative at Pro Resume Writing Services, which is something unavailable on many other resume service sites. They also highlight on the front page that the entire business is made up of four writers, and that the customer will be assigned to one of them. This gave us the sense that since the business is small, that service will be more personalizedthan with most other resume website companies.

Resume Companion is a unique online resume builder which has been designed to make creating a professional resume simple, regardless of how much experience you have writing your own resumes. Along with a resume builder, you can also get access to a cover letter builder, business letter builder, job search engine, and the ability to track jobs that you recently applied for. Additionally, there are a number of certified resume writers on staff which you can get advice from. Here’s a closer review of Resume Companion and what it has to offer.The resume builder is definitely the cornerstone of this service. Compared to a number of other resume builders there are a few unique features which make it uniquely beneficial to use. There are four basic steps. The first is simply entering your contact information as well as a password in case you want to save your work and access it later. The next step is entering your professional experience. You start by entering the basic employer information and position title. Next you can add bullet points under each position. This is where the ResumeCompanion resume builder starts providing additional value. Instead of coming up with these bullet points yourself, you can do a search by occupation which will provide you with multiple bullet points which are commonly used by professional resume writers. In total, the database of bullet points totals more than 50,000. From there you will then enter your education and additional skills data. These sections have an area for you to add additional bullet points as well.