How do I enter my information into the Resume Database?

You can resume a suspended availability database in AlwaysOn Availability Groups by using SQL Server Management Studio, Transact-SQL, or PowerShell in SQL Server 2016. Resuming a suspended database puts the database into the SYNCHRONIZING state. Resuming the primary database also resumes any of its secondary databases that were suspended as the result of suspending the primary database. If any secondary database was suspended locally, from the server instance that hosts the secondary replica, that secondary database must be resumed locally. Once a given secondary database and the corresponding primary database are in the SYNCHRONIZING state, data synchronization resumes on the secondary database.

To resume additional databases on this replica location, repeat steps 4 and 5 for each database.

Resuming database mirroring places the mirror database in the SYNCHRONIZING state. If the safety level is FULL, the mirror catches up with the principal and the mirror database enters the SYNCHRONIZED state. At this point, failover becomes possible. If the witness is present and ON, automatic failover is possible. In the absence of a witness, manual failover is possible.

Who will be able to view the Resume Database?

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