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Required qualifications must be met by the candidate in order to be interviewed and considered for the position. Posting may be filled after the initial 5-day posting period. Applicants who have left the UMPNC bargaining unit must include on their resume dates of past employment including months and years of service along with effort. Positions less than 20 hours/week may be combined.

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Best Uses Use the Resume field to adjust the date when you want remaining duration on a task to start up again. Add the Resume field to a task view when you want to view or filter for task resume dates.

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Now that he’s a resume writer, Burdan handles resume dates differently depending on where a job seeker is in her career path. If a job seeker has had only three in her career and received a degree in 1988, Burdan will include the college dates to signal how old the subject is. If the subject is in his early 60s or 70s, Burdan excludes college dates completely.