Using Resume Distribution Services

Included in our Resume Distribution Service:

The lure of the company offering resume distribution services is the old adage: time is money. Nobody withaccess to a computer really needs a resume distribution service. That's because anybody with a computercan perform the same task as the resume distributor - it's not rocket science. The problem becomes... at what paceand at what cost.

To rank these resume distribution services, we looked at a number of things. Chief among them...

Even the most professional looking resume will not be useful to you if it is not submitted into the hands of a potential employer. If you need help getting started, want to maximize your efforts or simply have a busy schedule, consider ordering our resume distribution service. Our team of dedicated experts will take care of the applications for you!

Resume Distribution Service Coverage

There are two key types of resume distribution services, which are detailed below:

Send your Resuming to companies, recruiters, top level management and hiring managers on our distribution list. This distribution maximizes the exposure of your Resume thus increasing your chances of landing with interviews. As over 70% of jobs are not advertised, sending your Resume out may just land you with an interview for a position for which you are suited; otherwise, your resume will be kept in the recruiter’s depository.
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Instead of having to enter the same information about yourself over and over again on multiple job board websites, with multiple recruiting services, and other job sources, a resume distribution service will do it for you. Above is a list of resume distribution services and the features they offer. We have also included reviews from those who have used the services themselves. The distribution services above are ones that we have used and have found to be convenient and helpful to a job search.When you send a resume yourself, you know they want to receive it. They may not have asked you for it but you know they’re taking resumes and you’re sending it in a way they deem acceptable. When you use a resume distribution service, you can’t be sure. Maybe they opted into the service as a recruiter, maybe their email was pulled off a list of recruiter, maybe they don’t want to receive anything in bulk and the distributor isn’t as clean as they should be. Either way, when you outsource distribution, you may be getting their attention in a bad way. If the recruiters opted in, wonderful, but can you be sure every single one of them opted in?