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Resume documents are prepared by those who are looking for new employment opportunities or higher studies. Therefore, a resume document format should be constructed highlighting all the essential skills and qualification in a concise form so that it is highly appreciable and accepted by the concern authorities.

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Certain formatting would enable your resume document to be successfully scanned and not misread (such as making sure underlining didn't cross over lettering, thus making letters unclear). Essentially, instead of doing things that would make your resume appealing to the human eye, you would keep a very simple format.

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Summary: Use XML in Microsoft Office Word 2003 to create user-friendly templates. In this article, learn how to mark up a template to create a resume template from which users can create resume documents. (9 printed pages)

A resume word document is a resume which is created by the applicant using Microsoft Office, which offers a bundle of applications and services like MS Word. A resume word document can be made by opening a new Word document and selecting the right resume out of the number of choices available. Word offers templates for resume and one can choose one of the templates and fill in his or her information in those blank spaces to create a resume word document. The basic information that needs to be given is name and contact details, skills and qualifications, certain relevant personal information and any previous work experience.WILMER HALE LLP, New York, NY
Contract Attorney (Update Legal) July 2010- Oct 2010; March 2007- March 2010
Conducted review of financial and legal agreements in response to SEC enforcement matter. Conducted substantive legal research and writing for pending securities litigation suits regarding futures and derivatives company. Drafted summaries of e-mails and related ISDA documentation. Researched documents in response to SEC & DOJ subpoenas and discovery requests. Assisted in deposition preparation regarding SEC litigation and plaintiffs’ class action litigation. SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL LLP, New York, NY Nov 2010- Dec 2010
Contract Attorney (Update Legal)
Conducted review of pension contracts and employer-union agreements regarding labor employment matter. Reviewed documents for noteworthiness and privilege. Researched documents and information requested in discovery and document production. Now the XML file is ready for use. By default, the Word XML markup that represents all document features as well as the customer-defined XML is saved in a single XML file. You can look at the rich XML markup of the file in Internet Explorer.