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Hi, Peter/(Jeanie).

I hope you had a great holiday break. I just received my resume draft from Jeanie, and it's looking great. I've sent over some minor edits, but I think we are very close.

I would like to go ahead and move forward with a LinkedIn profile as well, but I was wondering if your team does that in Word and then I copy and paste or how that works exactly?

I'm assuming Jeanie would be doing my LinkedIn profile as well, but I'm not positive. I just realized I never connected with you on LinkedIn, so I'll do that now - sorry about that.

If you still have my cc on file, please proceed with that same card for the LinkedIn profile charges as well. Just let me know what else I need to do on my end.

Thank you!
Randa M.

Hi Rosie,Just received the resume draft. Very good work. Thanks,Paul H.

Hi Jeanie,

Thank you for the resume drafts!

My compliments, professional and concise.

I will have suggestions for a few additions/changes on which I would like your feedback.

Will forward by the weekend.


Greg S.

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Resume rough draft | stephaniefalsone

Hi Ilona,

Thank you for the resume draft. Both my wife and I have read it over numerous times and we are both very impressed. I am not specifically sending you back a file, but rather a few brief questions, and one comment.

Mike H.

Write a Draft in a Different Format

In his book , career expert Donald Asher suggests writing a letter to a family member about your job accomplishments as a way to rethink your resume. (Go ahead, brag a little.) Then he suggests turning this into a resume draft by removing most personal pronouns ("I" and "we"), taking out articles ("a," "an" and "the") and cutting transition words like "and" (unless doing so would distort meaning).A skills resume combines the skills you have from a variety of experiences - paid work, volunteer work, student activities, classroom work, projects, you name it - and groups these skills by category of skills that relate to the kind of job you're seeking. This format works best when a traditional resume just doesn't work to make you look like a good candidate even though you have relevant skills. A Career Services advisor can look at your first resume draft and help you decide if a skills format might be the best approach to use.