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Personalize the resume as shown in the example below. Use your own name and address information when you personalize the resume. If necessary, drag the blue-dotted column border to the right of the name to the right, to make room for a name with a larger font size. Insert the Experience Subsection building block, so that you can enter the second job. Indent the text in the Experience section as shown. Enter line break characters between the job responsibility lines. Adjust line spacing in the Experience section, so that it matches the example below. Change the title, Skills, to the word, Activities.

The samples below will give you a sense for how to organize your resume information.

Listed below are common questions we routinely hear from students about writing resumes. We hope this information will take some of the mystery out of how to effectively present your information and qualifications.


Resume ontology  has been created to express theinformation aboutbusiness and academic experience, skills, publications, etc. containedin a resume.

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