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Subject to conditions, margin trading in SSE Securities may be conducted.
A List of Eligible SSE Securities for Margin Trading, the scope of which will be determined by SSE from time to time, will be posted on the HKEx website for reference by the investing public. Only those SSE Securities which are eligible for both buy orders and sell orders through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect will be included in the List.
According to the relevant rules of SSE, SSE may suspend margin trading activities in specific A shares when the volume of margin trading activities in such A shares exceeds the threshold determined by SSE and resume margin trading activities when the volume drops below a prescribed threshold. When SEHK is notified by SSE that such suspension and resumption involves an SSE Security on the List of Eligible SSE Securities for Margin Trading, EPs and investors will be informed through the HKEx website. Margin trading in the relevant SSE Security should be suspended/resumed in Hong Kong accordingly.

Creating Resume Appeal With Proper Resume Margins

UOB Kay Hian provides you a list of SSE A shares margin trading service. In addition to the comprehensive margin financing services for Hong Kong & U.S. market, a wide range of marginable SSE A shares through SH-HK Stock Connect are also added on the list for your choice, enabling you to grasp every investment opportunity with flexibility and generate higher potential returns with less capital.
Special Features:

• Offer extra capital up to 80% of the prevailing marketing value of the stocks holding. for the SSE A shares margin ratio now

• The online subscription process is quick and easy. Clients may simply open a Hong Kong stock margin account to enjoy SSE A shares margin trading services

New clients/ existing clients without a margin account: Please to open a “Margin Securities Account” online. Filling in the form just takes 3 steps in 6 minutes. You may also choose to fill in and submit the physical Cash/Margin Account application form. to download the form and learn more.


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Day trading is not allowed for Mainland A shares market. Therefore, Hong Kong and overseas investors buying A shares listed on the SSE on T-day can only sell the shares on and after T+1.