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I formed MDA Consulting, Inc. to resume my career as a consultant and advisor on reimbursement and marketing matters. The firm’s clients consist primarily of venture capital firms; start-up biotechnology, device, and diagnostic companies; and some large pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

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I originally came to Hawaii in the late 60s at the end of my military service. After several years I had to return to the mainland and resume my career but vowed to someday return for good. Talk to anyone who has been to the Islands and they will tell you what it was that drew them here and what they remembered the most about the Hawaiian culture. It is a very different experience for each of us. I always remembered the ways of the island and how it made me feel to know the strong sense of Ohana or family. Ohana here includes blood-related, adoptive or intentional family members and the concept emphasizes that families are bound together and everyone must cooperate, remember and help one another. It only made sense for me to return to the islands and make my transition from Mechanical Engineering to Papaya Boat Afficionado! I love seeing our guests enjoy themselves in the land of Aloha and experience a little bit of what makes our island home so special.

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