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When writing a student resume, a lack of work experience is not a barrier to presenting oneself as an individual serious about work and willing to put forth the effort. Types of resume objective examples might include the following:

    Customer Service Resume Objective Examples

As part of our we gave you hints and tips on writing a winning resume objective or personal summary. To help you even more, here are some real-life resume objective examples which won interviews.

Resume Objective Examples - Job Interview & Career Guide

We hope you found our resume objective examples useful and that they help you write great CVs and resumes that win you interviews.

One point just before we begin: Some people don't like to use pronouns ('I', 'we', 'my') in their personal summary or objective. We like them, as you'll see from our resume objective examples. If you prefer not to use them, that's fine too. Simply write your objective or summary with them in, then remove them afterwards, as in example two below.