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"Keep your resume to one page." This is the message we've been receiving from districts recruiting our teachers. In a market with an oversupply of applicants, administrators need to be able to sort quickly through hundreds of resumes. Wading through padding, repetition, and unnecessary information is frustrating - and a poor use of time.

How to fit your resume onto one page using Microsoft Word

A lot of people come to work with me with two page resumes and I’ve always been able to get it down to one. Here are 6 ways (some basic tips & tactics) to fit your resume onto one page in Microsoft word.

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Make Your Resume One Page
Resumes should be concise, well-organized and easy to navigate. Current business practices dictate that it is inappropriate for recent college graduates to submit a resume over one page.

That’s a good tip you put about keeping a resume one page for the most part, because just like you said, employers just have too many to look through.