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Would you like us to pre-print your resume on 8x10 resume paper? Just purchase the pre-printed resume option on your favorite paper and email us your resume. We will do the rest!!

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I suggested printing out extra resumes on resume paper to my daughter who is an undergrad business major. Was I surprised that she had never heard of such a thing, and had to be persuaded why it was a good idea. The comments I'm seeing from those opposed to it are based on the idea that resume paper is "fancy." No -- it's not, nor should it be. By "resume paper," we are talking about a heavier weight WHITE sheet of paper -- never colored, not even ecru, without excessive texture (but not slick/laser jet paper either), preferably without watermark. Something clean and crisp, but with a little weight (24-34#), so it's not flimsy and flopping around in the interviewer's hand. Someone pointed out the poor quality of today's copy paper. I agree. These aesthetic points are important, especially if you are in the design field. But for any industry, a heavier-stock white paper conveys professionalism. Definitely you should have these on hand for any interview.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing resume paper.

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For a computer-friendly read, the quality of paper doesn't matter at all — the finest paper becomes just another pretty electronic face. Your cover letter and resume paper should match and should be white or off-white smooth paper, sized 8.5" x 11". Avoid glossy or coarse textures that can cause scanners to misread. Don't use colored paper — especially blue, green, or gray, which may scan in as shades of gray that obscure your letter's text.

For professional quality Resumes, Cover Letters and CVs, Southworth’s 100% Cotton Resume Paper with a traditional smooth, wove finish is available in White, Ivory or Gray to match your personal style. The look and feel of premium 100% Cotton Resume Paper makes a positive impression — even before a word gets read. Perfect for cover letters and thank you notes as well. Coordinate with matching folders and envelopes for a professional and organized presentation.
Be prepared at your next interview! Present your resume on Southworth and rise to the top of the stack. Laser, inkjet and copier compatible. Endorsed by the .The recommended resume paper, color and other stylistic qualities of your resume depend to some extent on the type of job you are pursuing. The general rule is you can’t go wrong with a heavy white paper, but there is some room for you to use the physical qualities of your resume to make an impact.