Handling Objections
There will always be a few objections or concerns raised when interviewing. What are the likely objections you will face? How will you respond? Will the interviewer accept it? Will you dig a deeper hole? Handling objections can be tricky. You need to understand what the real concern is, and whether the interviewer has a true concern or is just testing your temperament and ability to think on your feet. Executive Resume Resource can prepare you to anticipate objections, think through a logical and acceptable response and handle objections with confidence.

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All of us have had coaches, teachers, mentors and other friendly support systems in our lives. Coaches are invaluable when facing new and critical situations, such as a job search. They have the knowledge, experience and objectivity to help market your talents, guide you and bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to your search. Executive Resume Resource helps you compete with the knowledge that you are well prepared and the confidence to assert yourself.