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ACRL/DVC offers a resume review service in the spring. The service is open to students and practicing librarians. Volunteers will review a resume and cover letter for each participant electronically. Each resume will be reviewed by two volunteers

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Curious about what is needed to strengthen your resume so you can compete at a higher level? Interested in fine-tuning your resume strategies to better position yourself for career success? Take advantage of our FREE resume review service. Simply upload your document and provide your contact information using the tool below. We will promptly respond by setting up a time with you for a phone discussion to give you suggestions in a friendly, supportive way for improving your resume.

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Are you struggling to hire through the recruiting firms you use? Though these organizations claim to be professional staffing organizations, many of them operate as “resume review services.” It is important to evaluate the level of service received to determine whether the firm you’re using is the proper fit for your needs.

Resume review service from our team of experts is always easy to avail online at any time. We will be requiring your resume and purpose of it in detail to proceed with the effective review process. Every requirement will demand a different style of resume without fail. We have a right idea about this style of resume for every purpose. Our resume review services are offered through the best experts in the field and not costly too. Many students and professionals regularly reach our experts requesting review my resume. Our team is always perfect for this requirement because:Cecil County Public Library is pleased to offer a Resume Review service to Cecil County Public Library cardholders and Maryland residents. Email your finished resume to as a Microsoft Word attachment. Trained staff will review your resume, providing tips for improving format, spelling, grammar and effectiveness and return your resume via email within two weeks.