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If you have just graduated from high school or completed a degree program from a college / university, chances are here that you will be looking for a full-time job. Well, I must tell you that the industry is always looking for new and fresh brains but they always prefer to hire people with good experience. Since, you don’t have any practical experience in your hand; the only thing that you can use to your advantage is your resume. Make sure that you have created a perfect resume to impress the interviewer so he can consider giving that job to you. For a fresh graduate, it is often difficult to craft a good resume and that is where you can take help from the top 5 free resume builder sites that I’m going to review in this post.

There are hundreds of sample resume sites on the internet. I mean, literally hundreds.

The name of the website sounds a bit vain, but it’s really comfortable to use. I used one of these resume sites before, and could hardly find the testimonials and the signup form in the loads of small pictures and ads, so this is a sure advantage. Price policy Their prices are very flexible. The price you pay depends on the deadline mostly. By the way, a little hint for you – it’s much cheaper to buy resume and cover

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Resume Builder Sites

Pete Weddle, who writes for the National Business Employment Weekly, got some resume sites on the Internet to tell him (last year) how many employers actually looked at the resumes on their sites. (Sit down, while I tell you the news.) A site that had 85,000 resumes posted: only 850 employers looked at any of those resumes in the previous three months before the survey. Another site with 59,283 resumes posted, only 1,366 employers looked at any, in the previous three months. Another site with 40,000 resumes, only 400 employers in three months. A site with 30,000 resumes, only 15 employers looked in, during the previous three months.

This is the only site where you can actually view RESUMES WRITTEN BY 5 DIFFERENT PROFESSIONAL SITES FOR THE SAME PERSON IN ORDER TO FIND OUT WHICH ONES ARE THE BEST ( was the winner of our independent study, hands-down!). It is because we were very familiar with the exaggerated claims many resume writing firms make, that we invested time & money into purchasing resume writing services from our own writers and others so we could post REAL results online and compare their work publicly following an independent study by an unbiased panel. Although the job candidate featured in the resume had some association with a resume site, those who reviewed and ranked the resumes were given NO incentive and had NO idea which resume was written by which company. We assigned each resume a simple number and reviewers ranked based on that number. Resume sites were judged based on their website usability, customer service, resume price, turnaround time, content, organization, presentation, etc; Though we listed the "Top 5 sites," only 2 of them are what we'd consider to be "GREAT." The third is just "average" and the other two "Top 5" sites were subpar. We strive to continue gathering information periodically to educate consumers about the realities of professional resume writing sites. Click any of the 5 resume writing websites on the right to see the resume they created.Be sure to look for specific privacy policy statements about resumes, registration information, and statements about how that information is used, stored, and shared. Pay particular attention to how long a site says it will keep or store your resume. Preferably, job and resume sites should state that they promise to keep your resume for a limited, specific amount of time, such as one to six months, after which the site will delete your resume. Without specific, written statements about how long your resume may be kept, your resume can be archived for years, legally. Most job seekers do not want resumes circulating after they have gotten a job.