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Now, use power words to describe your skills in action. Don't say, "Printed t-shirts." Say, "Prepared screens for four-color art work. Exposed and developed screens." Describe some of the steps. Give life to the actions you performed on the job. Express your skills in a manner that is impactful, forceful and persuasive - whatever your job may have been - by using action-oriented verbs, such as:

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Many times a single statement cannot adequately describe or encompass your resume skill, experience, or accomplishment. Often a single accomplishment involved more than one skill or led to more accomplishments. What can you do?

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it resume skillsResume Example Resume Example

Even with unemployment falling, the job market is tight and, in most industries, favors employers—so if you’re looking for a job, having the right resume skills for 2015 will help you stand out.

Whether you are writing a chronological resume or skills resume the first step in resume writing is to understand the difference between resume skills and resume abilities. This is essential for all and many Federal Government applications even require descriptions of both. Such jobs often require the candidate to expand on their resume skills by answering prompts. Other times, however, you might want to outline the resume skills that were acquired from previous employment.• Resume abilities, on the other hand, are quite different from resume skills. A resume ability is a natural or acquired power to perform a mental or physical activity. The main difference is that resume abilities suggest a capacity to perform, whereas resume skills result from the actual performance. Resume abilities only become resume skills when observed through actions. Unlike resume skills, resume abilities are often very broad and can be applied to a variety of circumstances. Abilities may or may not be improved over time.What exactly are resume skills and resume abilities? Are they different? The short answer is yes. Although resume skills and resume abilities overlap at times, they are generally used in different ways.How can you bolster your resume with resume skills? The Resume Dictionary is designed to express your skills and abilities with power words. By following the formulas shown in the examples you can adapt your skills and abilities to fit in the examples. This will help you quantify your resume skills with specific statements.