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The resume skills section complements your resume by emphasizing any special skills you have

Once you’ve decided on the skills you’re going to include, it’s important to make sure you format them clearly and prominently. As with a portfolio, the things you place at the beginning and at the end get the most attention and are most easily remembered. Putting your resume skills section near the start or finish will make it stand out.

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Resume Skills Section: Uncover Your Marketable Skills by Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert

The most important consideration is making sure that your resume skills align with the job description. For example, you may be able to type 80 words per minute, but including “80 WPM” on your resume isn’t necessary if fast, accurate typing skills aren’t important to the job. (Don’t forget that you can mention additional skills in your cover letter or in an interview, and that your can be more comprehensive than your resume.) You might think that a large number of skills shows what a great candidate you are, but instead of asking a hiring manager to hunt through a long list of skills (thus risking that they will miss important information while skimming your resume), read the job description carefully and edit your resume skills section accordingly.