ResumeSpider has been in business since 2004.

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Resume Spider works with over 600,000 recruiters and hiring managers from over 100,000 companies and they use their vast network of contacts to match you with those who are looking for employees with your certain set of skills. They work with many of the biggest companies in many different industries including Microsoft, Verizon, Phillips, and more.

There are many positives about ResumeSpider over similar services:

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Go to the ResumeSpider homepage and click on the big red “Run Search Now!” button or , then select your categories and click the “See Your List” button at the bottom of the page. All of the pricing information will be defined after you get your results. The pricing information is tied to your actual list.

After on Resumespider, recruiters and corporate hiring managers who match your profile will see your resume in their account dashboard. Your resume will be searchable and printable, thus making you more visible.Resume Spider works with an impressive number of over 600,000 recruiters and hiring managers to help you find the job that you are looking for. They work with many big name companies to match your resume to companies seeking your specific skills and abilities. Some of the companies in their extensive database are eBay, Verizon, Microsoft and Mastercard. Often Resume Spider knows about hiring needs before jobs are ever posted to job boards. Their approach helps those using their service to secure interviews and land positions.One of the commonly discussed disadvantages to resume distribution services is the tendency to have your resume submitted to companies without thought or concern for compatibility in interests and skills. Resume Spider is not like other resume distribution services. They use an adaptive approach to match your unique characteristics with compatible employers. This targeted approach allows your resume distribution to be effective. You aren’t wasting your money to have your resume sent to recruiters that you would never consider.Once a recruiter is impressed by your resume, they can easily contact you for an interview. They have the option of contacting you by phone, email, or SpiderTalk. SpiderTalk is a unique found only on the Resume Spider site. You will coordinate directly with potential employers to set up interviews and follow-up. Since your resume will be distributed to many companies, you will likely receive more interviews than if you had sent out your resume alone. This provides selection and will help you have the choice between multiple jobs and opportunities.