Those resume suggestions were a real "ah-ha" for DuBois

Keep in mind that I'm offering these artist resume suggestions with commercial art galleries as the focus. In other words, the following suggestions may not apply to other forms of artist documentation -- such as writing your curriculum vitae for use in academic situations. Point blank -- your artist resume will be 'short and sweet' (less complicated from a technical standpoint) compared to other forms of artist documentation.

Her resume suggestions address both content and format and her job search advice is clear: network!

The resume suggestions and edits below come from actual employer feedback compiled from many years. The different sections of a resume are outlined below, each with specific advice to offer. Pay careful attention to this advice and use it well, but at the same time, be sure to put your own mark and personal tastes into your text and design as well since, after all, your resume is all about YOU on paper.

The 10 Worst Resume Suggestions You Ever Received

Resume Suggestions

A resume provides you with a tool that can be used to win interviews and increase their chances of getting a job. This tool can be highly effective in performing its purpose, or a complete waste of paper. Here are some resume suggestions to enable you to develop a tool capable of getting yourself on the radars of hiring managers and employers.