Thank you so much for this resume template. So useful for me :)

als eerste dienen de items die iets met de slaapstand te maken hebben gecontroleerd te worden. Hieronder staan de resultaten voor een Thinkpad:

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Today we give away resume HTML template with 5 color options: blue,brown, green, purple, red.

ENTJ admire people who do not back off from direct personal confrontations and who stand their ground; they aim at doing that and often succeed, but their stronger focus Ni means that their resolution in this regard is often weakened by thoughts of the possible negative consequences of such confrontations. Likewise, they admire, and try to emulate, persons who are resolute, even pushy towards others, when pursuing their goals. However, they are put off by persons who are overly aggressive and who seem to prefer to use verbal or physical aggression as a replacement of logical or ethical arguments, rather than as a support for them.