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Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, it’s a good idea to always have a freshly updated copy of your resume on hand (you never know.) If you are looking for a job actively, you really should have multiple resumes with different variations, individualized for particular jobs that you are trying for. Having a great resume is only the first step to getting a job, but it’s the most important to get you that initial first interview. Good luck out there!

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The usual advice about the length of a resume is that it should be no more than two pages. However, in a recession, people are desperate to find jobs. One of the ways people try to make themselves look more impressive as a candidate is to add a lot of extraneous or irrelevant material to their resumes. The results are usually a two-page resume with a bloated header, tiny margins, small fonts, long run-on job titles and a lot of repetition, which a recruiter will not read. If this is what your resume is beginning to look like, then it is time for a resume check-up and a . While a resume update will add more information to your resume, there are other areas in which you can begin to cut out extraneous information.

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If you are not sure what you are missing in your resume update, we offer a service that gives you a professional opinion and concrete suggestions for the price of a fancy dinner out on the town. That’s a good bargain! You will get the help you want on updating your resume, know that it is an impressive, professional showcase of your abilities, and get a good lesson in what to be aware of the next time you realize your resume needs to be cleaned up.