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Describe your activities and achievements fully. You do not need to say these were done as a volunteer, though you are of course welcome to do so. If you feel uneasy about representing volunteer work as equivalent to a full-time paid job, you can identify the volunteering as being part-time. Be honest. Don't overstate what you did. But also be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve.

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Presenting Volunteer Experience on a Resume
By definition, a resume describes the uniqueness of a job seeker to others, reflecting the applicant's work experience, goals and capabilities. But what does a description of the individual's skills and experiences as a volunteer say to an employer? It says that this prospective employee is willing to try new experiences, be involved in community, and will take initiative and make things happen! Volunteer experience requires strategic placement in a resume. Too many people incorrectly feel that a resume must only discuss paid work history; they spend 90% of the space on that, relegating everything else to a closing section headed "Other Interests" or possibly "Community Work."
There are two options for where to place volunteer experience on a resume: