You've seen those fancy resume websites. Now make your own.

Whether you are looking for a job, or have a job, you need a resume website. This is a bold statement, and it assumes you are reading this article either because you are unemployed and need a job, or you have a job and aspire for greater success.

Here are five tips for a successful -- and legal -- personal resume website:

The only thing I’d be wary of is using the same template as everyone else without customisations, as the primary goal of having a resume website is to stand out surely?

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Also the creative and interactive resume website can attract an employer’s attention.

This resume website template features 2 layout options, a working form, social media icons, jQuery effects, Cufon font replacement, a print CSS stylesheet, and more.

Ease of Use
A job and resume service website should be easy to navigate with several different search options for specific jobs.Doodlekit is all online - no software to install. Other website builders require you to install software on a computer and only use that computer to build your resume website. Not Doodlekit. With our portfolio website tools, you can build a resume website from anywhere in the world, anytime you want - no software to install! All you need is Internet access and a browser.This is the only site where you can actually view RESUMES WRITTEN BY 5 DIFFERENT PROFESSIONAL SITES FOR THE SAME PERSON IN ORDER TO FIND OUT WHICH ONES ARE THE BEST ( was the winner of our independent study, hands-down!). It is because we were very familiar with the exaggerated claims many resume writing firms make, that we invested time & money into purchasing resume writing services from our own writers and others so we could post REAL results online and compare their work publicly following an independent study by an unbiased panel. Although the job candidate featured in the resume had some association with a resume site, those who reviewed and ranked the resumes were given NO incentive and had NO idea which resume was written by which company. We assigned each resume a simple number and reviewers ranked based on that number. Resume sites were judged based on their website usability, customer service, resume price, turnaround time, content, organization, presentation, etc; Though we listed the "Top 5 sites," only 2 of them are what we'd consider to be "GREAT." The third is just "average" and the other two "Top 5" sites were subpar. We strive to continue gathering information periodically to educate consumers about the realities of professional resume writing sites. Click any of the 5 resume writing websites on the right to see the resume they created. There are a lot of companies out there offering what they call a Resume Website Builder, or a Portfolio Website Builder, Online Resume Builders, Online Portfolio Builders, or the like, which are specifically tailored to helping you give your resume Internet presence. There are also plain old website builders out there as well. We believe the best way for you to pick a solution is to try out at least three free website builders which don't require you to pay any money to try them out. If you are a computer scientist, you might desire a very programming intensive package. If you are an artist, you might find a set of point and click and drag tools with a high focus on template design, color, and text options available which is to your liking. If you only want to post a resume and noting else, a vanilla resume builder may be ideal. If you want to blog, write articles, and post a resume, then a generic web builder with all the bells and whistles may be your best option. In any event, take a few free web builders for a spin. Drive the one off the lot which is best for your needs and budget. One hint is that you may want to wait until you have selected your provider before buying a domain name. Some providers may hold you captive.