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With just a few clicks of your mouse our ResumeZapper will email your resume and cover letter right into the email boxes of 1000s of America's top Search, Recruitment and Placement firms. Recruiters love to get resumes of qualified, well compensated, individuals who want to move their careers forward. We are the Number 1 Resume Distribution service on the Internet!

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Thanks for the heads-up. I have been considering doing that (resume zapper), now I won't. It stinks that they advertise it on job sites and prey on people who are desperately looking for a job. I think you have to be wary of anything on-line nowadays.

Resume Rabbit | Resume Zapper | Employment 911.

- Sandeep Shrivastava (Resume Zapper India Customer)

We offer two improved services in order to maximize your resume reach – Resume Zapper and Profile Highlighter.

Thousands of top U.S. recruitment and search firms, commonly known as Headhunters, are targeted by ResumeZapper. Your resume is sent straight to their email inboxes. The company, in business since 1998, currently claimsto have over 10,000 contingency and retained search firms as members--including over 1,100 who dointernational placements. This is not a resume posting site; rather, Resume Zapper concentratessolely on resume distribution to recruiters. when resume zapper says they will zap your resume they aren't lying. After you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to to have your resume proffesionally re-wriiten, resume zapper re-writes it so that it's unintelligible. They change the format so that it's unreadable and then they send it out. I didn't receive a single call from a recruiter other then to say how unreadable my resume is and... In summary, Resume Zapper is focused on only one thing and they appear to do it reasonably well--gettingyour resume in the hands of recruiters. That said, we remain cautious due to the number of customercomplaints posted on the internet. We advise visiting our to see mini-reviewsand rankings of competitors. As with all of our reviews, this is our opinion--we always advise readers to dotheir own due diligence. 1. Once your Resume Zapper services are activated, your profile is shared (through emails) with the relevant recruitment consultants, who are looking for candidates similar to your profile.