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I had high expectations/hopes after reading some online reviews and watching testimonials on the website. I was initially encouraged by the whole job in 45 days or money back guarantee" so that made me go ahead and pay for a rewrite of my resume. My original resumè was two pages and very wordy. The revamp condensed it into 1 page. When you submit your resume for review there are multiple spots for questions/info you want to relay to the writer. I had some specific questions I needed answers to, but they were not answered. Strangely, one of those questions could have led to me purchasing another one of their offerings- resume by fax distribution. On the website it said to inquire about the price -was not listed- so I inquired and didn't get a response. The only question I recall the writer responding to- I didn't think it was professional response. I haven't gotten any positive (or different) feedback from hiring managers or recruiters on it either. I briefly considered just doing a glowing video testimonial so I could at least recoup $15 off the roughly $100 I spent on the resume but that wouldn't be ethical. One valuable tip I did learn from the barrage of emails that ensued when my rewritten email was sent to me was that it's important to send a hard copy of the resumè in addition to the digital submission.

I will keep sending the resume out and will update this once I get to about 50. So far I have applied for 26 jobs I am qualified for but haven't gotten a single response yet.

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