That's where Resumes for Dummies, 7th edition comes in.

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Title: Australian Resumes for Dummies

Each of these resources covers different aspects of the process, and takes a somewhat different tone. The Rockport Institute's guide is definitely the most confrontational, but its in-your-face style of writing may motivate you to work harder on your resume. Susan Ireland's guide, by contrast, is friendly and kind, but a bit on the dry side. "Resumes for Dummies" strikes a fairly even balance between these two styles. So before you fully dive into a particular guide, take a few minutes to skim the beginnings of each one, and find one (or a couple) with a vibe that suits your own approach.

"Resumes For Dummies", John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2015

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The process of writing resumes for dummies begins with an in-depth consultation between one of our specialists and you, the client. The client tells us what they need and why they feel their original resume will not stand up under pressure. Our specialists then guide the client through how to and, if necessary, write it themselves. Whatever makes the process easier.

Whether you're entering the job market for the first time, changing jobs, or changing careers, "Resumes for Dummies, 5th Edition" will show you the ropes and rules for a new era in recruiting and job finding. With 85% new content added since the previous edition, this up-to-date guide gives you the very latest strategies on how to create, and more importantly, distribute your resume in today's new job search environment. You'll learn: Why most generic online resumes failHow to customize resumes for each job openingNew quick ways to find the right jobsHow to use meta search engines to your advantageWhy both digital and print versions of resumes are still neededHow to use resumes interactivelyThe resume basics that still knock 'em deadHow to create resumes for your life's changing phasesWhat to do "after" you send them your resumeAre you ready to land the job you want but you have to write a resume first? That can set you back a step or two––especially if writing is not your strong suit. Where should you begin? Good question—and one that Joyce Lain Kennedy, the author of Resumes for Dummies, will answer sensibly and professionally in her book.