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Of the two main sections on a resume – education and work experience – the latter used to matter far more than the former, at least for workers who had been out of school for decades. Although a 50-year-old applicant will still be judged more on his past employments than on the school he attended three decades before, society as a whole – and the job market in particular – has moved towards a prestige-colored in recent years. Simply having a college degree was once sufficient for most white collar work; now, employers want to know where you got it and how well you did in school.

Each section of a resume plays a specific role

Oracle provides a free tool called which you can use to create a visual model of the table, called an , and then generate your DDL from it. Here is an example starter model of your database design:Creating an ERD also helps you start to clarify the requirements. For example, I made the key to the section table the resume and a sequence number. This means you could have 2 or more sections on a resume with the same type. Does this make sense? Or does it make sense to say there can only be one section of each type per resume? Second, you want to think about what uniquely identifies a row in each table. For example, I have used a Resume Number for the key to the resume table. Wouldn't it make sense to say that each row would be uniquely identified by the User Name and the resume name? This would prevent the storage of duplicate resumes.

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What are your thoughts on Objectives versus Summary sections on a resume? If you have a preference, I’d love to hear about it.

Skills Section: Purdue University explains how a skills section on a resume can be useful, in fact, just as important as the experience section: "a skills section may be helpful when you want to emphasize the skills you have acquired from your various jobs or activities...If you do not have enough previous experience for a specific job you are seeking for, it is important to emphasize your skills." Remember "Jennifer"? If "Jennifer's" hubs were high quality, this is exactly the section where she would list her HubPages experience.*