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I hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing yom tov! I still have lots of sessions to blog about from before yom tov so I’m going to try to catch up here in the next few days. These five beautiful friends came to my studio to get gorgeous portraits of themselves to use for their shidduch resumes and for their facebook profile picture. They all got a kick out of my fan and had fun channeling their inner model. When it was over, they all told me how much fun they had during the session- and I did too!

 This was a great example of a great shidduch resume, thank you for sharing!

So basically im the daughter of bt's who know absolutely NOTHING about shidduchim. obviously the whole research and all that stuff is going to be done with a lot of help from Hashem and probably a rebetzin that i know. HOWEVER, i have NO idea where to start in making my shidduch resume!!! i live out of town, and idk... i have no clue how to make it! plus, a shidduch was kindov redd so i really have to get a move on this resume business!

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Besides the listings, I even had a “shidduch resume” — typed up in the same format as a professional resume, with references.

If television shows like Srugim have taught us anything, it's that Jerusalem is home to the most vibrant religious/semi-religious/not-so-religious-at-all Jewish singles scene this side of Manhattan. Far from being a simple , though, Jerusalem is the perfect place to have a great time and maybe even fall in love, whether you are the type to show up armed with a shidduch resume or are just hoping to find a connection with a friend of a friend visiting for the year.

So I'm starting to get into *that* part of my life (read: the Dating Scene) and I've been searching online for ideas of how to put together my shidduch resume'. Now, considering that I'm a "computer geek" through and through I turned to my Source of All Human Knowledge: Google. While I did find many articles about girls' resume's, funny resume's, exaggerated resume's, etc. I found no serious guidelines for what a guy should put on his resume'. Yes, I know I could actually go and _ask_ someone, but I thought I'd get more diverse answers if I asked here.As marijuana becomes more acceptable in the frum community (I knew we’d catch up someday) I have begun writing “must be 420 friendly” on my shidduch resumes and online dating accounts. I find that most shadchanim have no idea what it is, which is good, because most of the time the only folks who know […]