How to List Teaching Skills on a Resume for Elementary Education.

2. How do I integrate volunteer experience into the resume so that the resume accurately reflects the skills I have gained while being a stay-at-home mom? Volunteering may have provided you with credentials and accomplishments that are highly relevant to your career goals. Fortunately, by utilizing a combination resume, you can seamlessly weave your most relevant volunteer experience into the skill clusters area. For example, if one of your skill cluster areas is “sales”, you could include information about how you collected $10,000 from local merchants as part of a fund raising drive to benefit local literacy programs. If you want a position in corporate training, and one of your skill clusters is “public speaking”, you should include specifics about your experience as president of your local Toastmasters group. Remember, skills learned while volunteering are equally valuable as skills gained for paid employment. There is no need to distinguish between paid and unpaid work related skills on a resume.

Resume Writing help guide on how to write IT skills section in a technical resume.

Hi Michelle,
Your insight is great. I am currently applying for several PM and BA positions but never held the title of BA or PM before. These are my dream jobs. I obtained a MBA last fall. I also have a BS in Health Care Management. I am not very good with highlighting soft skills on a resume/cover letter. Any kind of help would be great. I have been working as an In Home Counselor and Case Manger in social services for the past 6 years.

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Life Skills on a Resume

Computer and Technical Skills are Relevant Everywhere!
Make sure you document your computer and technical skills somewhere on your resume. Include your experience with operating systems, programming languages, application software, etc. Even if your experience with computers is minimal, document what you do know. Including technical skills on a resume says, "I know this is important and I want you to know that I'm comfortable with technology and am willing to learn."