Should I staple my resume pages together

Normally however, most people don't print double sided and I prefer getting multiple pages unstapled, with the name and phone number at the top, in a new full sized envelope (I really can't stand folded resumes because they are more cumbersome - seems odd, but when you have LOTS of resumes to go through, folded ones are annoying). When I have lots of resumes, I tend to look at the enveloped ones first!!! They are easy to grab, and easy to sort through... Maybe it's just me...

Can you staple a resume, or should you use a paper clip, or otherwise?

He said of course you staple. No matter how neat and clean the sheets are, if he has to spend a second reordering your resume or figuring out if everything thing is in order, it immediate sets the wrong impression. It's not a deal-breaker - obviously if the person is a star then a little mistake not stapling a resume will be overlooked - but that initial impression is negative. Do you really want that?


Do I fold or staple the resume and cover letter

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